“College Cooking” Social Media



This was a social media introductory campaign for an online brand called “College Cooking”. It was based around the concept of a Tasty-esque recipe page exclusively geared towards college students. College Cooking focuses on affordable, tasty, customizable meals that chefs of any skill level can do. The pictures are a behind-the-scenes look at shooting. The posters simply advertise the general brand. The video, though, makes fun of college students’ lack of cooking experience and ingredients getting in the way of making the beautiful recipes seen on Instagram or Facebook.

Hairspray Poster Mockup

These posters were designed to advertise the LSU Musical Theatre Club’s production of Hairspray. When advertising Hairspray, there is usually a prescribed poster formula. A surprised girl with big blue hair has her mouth open with scrapbook-style Hairspray plastered on the bottom of the poster. My primary goal for this poster set was to deviate from the norm but still pay homage to the conventions of the show. Therefore, I stuck with blue as the overarching color. But just using blue in my design would have been boring. I wanted to include the colorful cloud of hairspray around Tracy’s silhouette. I think it is reminiscent of the colorful nature and high energy of the show. This graphic style was carried on and adopted by Louisiana State University to advertise the show.